Publish to web? Where has it gone?


Hey All
Does anyone know where the publish the web option has gone ?
Basically I have a free 60 days Power BI Pro Licsense. I normally used to:

-Selec pubish from Power BI Desktop
-Go into Report Share, and it had a link to Publish to Web. And now cannot see the option

The Report Link (below) i can only send to people within my Tenant. So below link is not working.I normally could just link and send on email to anyone. Where is this option?
I hope Microsoft have not stopped this.


Is it possible that you organisation has turned these feature off?

This is quite common.

Just want to check this first as this would be the most logical reason.

It definitely hasn’t gone anywhere as I still have it.



ahhh okay. Thanks for checking Sam.
It is a bit of an odd one, maybe something wrong with my specific file.
So my Power BI Pro is the 60 days free, so not linked with organisation as such as its just me, so ive not turned anything on or off.

I’ve checked another file this seem fine (1st photo).
But when i upload the EMIR Reporting Metrics i’ve done, its not showing publish to web option.
I get the feeling maybe it is because the data is big, but confuses me because file is only 355KB?

anyways nothing major.
Thanks anyway.


Hi Sam it 's fine I have it work.
Basically was not showing Publish to Web as i had something wrong within the Power Query editor - Data Type.
The Dash was also quiet data heavy as i’ve queries a folder which has multiple CSV’s.

Always learning something new! :slight_smile:
Thanks anyways