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Public Sharing Power BI report

I have a report from some public research we’ve done that I want to freely share online (nothing sensitive inside).
A long time ago I could simply Publish to Web, but now it’s harder as people need a pro license to view the report unless I embed in a SharePoint web page or a webPage online.
Are these the only options available to me?
What would be the best way to publicly share a (small ~300k) Power BI report so anyone can find and view it online?
Thanks in advance,

Hi Rod,

There have been some changes with Publish To Web. It may have been disabled by your PowerBI Admin.

Hello @rodwhiteley,

Thank you for posting the query into the Forum.

I’m providing the link below of a video where it’s explained about the new developments in the Power BI Service with regards to the Publish to Web option.

Hoping you find this useful.

Thanks & Warm Regards,

Publish to Web in Power BI

Thanks Harsh,
Yes, I’ve seen the changes to Publish to web - Guy in a Cube:
and just now John White (via Reza Rad):

I was just hoping anyone had any clues about a way I can make the report publicly available. All I can think of is making the .pbix available online, but then people need to download and run Power BI Desktop.

My organisation has taken 4 months (and counting) to get back to me about how/if this is possible, so I’m not holding my breath there.

Maybe someone with Admin rights and capacity could host and share the link?

Hello @rodwhiteley,

Well, yes that could be easily one of the option and I would have been happy to help you out but I’m also facing the same problem since my organization has restricted the Publish to Web access and therefore I’m also not able to publish it to Power BI Service.

Also someone who has School account or who can Publish to the Web freely can really help you in this matter. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks & Warm Regards,