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Getting familiar with creating tables in dax & adjusting filter contexts (pretty interesting stuff). Now, I’ve seem to got most of my calculations right, but now I need to retrieve a string from a row for which I already have the correct calculation. Basically, I’m looking for the current/last milestone & next milestone per project (for which I can in fact retrieve the dates from a filtered table, but not the actual name from the Task column)

Check screenshot:

I’ve also added a sample powerbi file with all calculations included.

Edna - Time & Milestones.pbix (169.3 KB)

Hi @Wlknsn,

Thanks for supplying a PBIX :+1:
I think you must have been so close because you had already solved the Dates… Basically I reused your code and added the function VALUES and an additional Filter condition, so lookup Values in the resources.

Current Milestone Name =
VAR Milestones = FILTER('Project Tasks','Project Tasks'[Is Milestone] = "Yes")

CALCULATE(VALUES( 'Project Tasks'[Task]), FILTER(Milestones, 'Project Tasks'[Start] = [Current Milestone Date] && 'Project Tasks'[Project] = SELECTEDVALUE( 'Project Tasks'[Project] ) )) 

and for the next Task:

Next Milestone Name =
VAR Milestones = FILTER('Project Tasks', 'Project Tasks'[Is Milestone] = "Yes")

CALCULATE( FIRSTNONBLANK( VALUES( 'Project Tasks'[Task]), TRUE()), FILTER(Milestones, 'Project Tasks'[Start] = [Next Milestone Date] && 'Project Tasks'[Project] = SELECTEDVALUE( 'Project Tasks'[Project] )))


Here’s your file: Edna - Time & Milestones.pbix (176.7 KB)
I hope this is helpful.

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Ok so that works. Not entirely sure why yet but looking into that as we speak. Big thanks for your help.

If you are interested in more stuff like this (paid), drop me a line

Glad I could help.

If you are looking for further assistance or want to hire someone please check the Analist Cloud.
I know some of the other Enterprise DNA Experts are available through there:
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Thanks for the feedback. I’ve worked with a number of “specialists” before but never really been too impressed. Demand for PowerBi is increasing, can’t & not interested in doing it all myself so am looking to bring a few people together to get things going. Never done something this remote though, but I guess that’s how things work. So may need to setup a Teams meeting with a few people. You’ve got my details. Not sure how to get in touch with other from here.

Melissa pointed me in your direction. As for your comments on specialists, PBI covers a wide area, (I am a consultant like you), and just like before in Excel you will find people specialised in certain areas, my specialty is Logistics where others will be a specialist in Finance etc… Deeper knowledge in each discipline will be available through experienced people in their own right.
Happy to communicate about commercial opportunities.

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