Project Based Example


Most of the resources and examples given to date relate to sales based organisations that easily lend themselves to specific time periods of data analysis. It would be great to see how these concepts can be applied to other sectors (such as construction) where a companies work is based on a project by project basis, with each project having varying lengths and sizes with start and end dates overlapping each other. At times I am finding it hard to apply the courses to this kind of arena.

The kind of things I am thinking about would include month on month project KPI tracking on progress and final outcome


Yep like it. Yes I will look to expand into different resources and materials this year.


Hi Dave, been doing a lot of project tracking with Power BI. It involves writing a lot more measures for sure…! But yes good idea more project and WIP based reporting is used a lot by a huge sector in the market…+1 gets my vote.