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Procurement in the Learning Portal?

Hi there,

Question: I am trying to find courses in the Learning Portal which centre around Procurement.

I have searched for “procurement” in the learning portal but get no hits. However, it appears that the search is constrained to the title of each course as I have been able to find an 11m video in the Business Analytics Series in spite of no search results.

Anyone know of anything else?


Somewhat counterintuitively, the forum search is a better tool to search the portal. Go up to the forum search icon, select options and then select Enterprise DNA Online and then add your keywords. This is how I found the outlier videos. That being said, I only was able to locate the following procurement video which I think is the same one you found:

  • Brian

P.S. will definitely pass your suggestion on to @sam.mckay and the @EnterpriseDNA team.


Hi @michellepace, the best way to search for any Enterprise DNA content would be to click on the How To Seach For Content while in the portal as seen below:

This will lead you to the Forum’s search page. As mentioned by Brian, you can go directly to the Forum to do this.

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As always, thanks Brian : )

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