Problem reading PDF text (source is right-to-left language)

I try to import data from PDF file. PDF language is RTL (Hebrew). When I import the data into PBI Desktop, I get gibberish.
I think that the problem relates to encoding. I try the following M-Codes to fix the problem but is still doesn’t work.
= Table.AddColumn(Table002, “Custom”, each Text.FromBinary ( Text.ToBinary([Column5],1255),TextEncoding.Utf8))
= Table.AddColumn(Table002, “Custom”, each Text.FromBinary ( Text.ToBinary([Column5],1255),TextEncoding.Windows))
Please help
PDF import.pbix (90.6 KB)


Hi @AlexTaskar,

Welcome to the forum.

Please refer to the documentation.

Power BI Desktop is available in the same languages as the Power BI service, except Hebrew and Arabic. Desktop doesn’t support right-to-left languages. When you have a Power BI license try the Service.

I hope this is helpful

Hi Melissa, thank you for your prompt response.
Unfortunately, I get gibberish in both - Power BI Desktop and Service.
Still struggling to find way to enforce encoding to original Hebrew text. Tried Python and Power Authomate - meantime same results.

Hi @AlexTaskar,

Did you also check language settings in the Power BI service and browser?
Furthermore I noticed TextEncoding.Utf8 has the value 65001