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Problem of the Week Laptop Stickers

Problem of the Week Participants,

Okay, as of today I think I’ve got the laptop sticker mess all sorted out, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. According to my records, I owed stickers to @quantumudit , @Harsh, @JarrettM and Drew Weaver.

As of today, those have all been sent out, and I sent each of you some extras as an apology for the delay.

If you have participated in a past round of Problem of the Week, and haven’t received a sticker but would like one just email your physical mailing address to me at and I will drop a couple in the mail to you right away.

Thanks to all for actively supporting the Enterprise DNA Community, and again sorry for the delay.

– Brian

Enterprise DNA Problem of the Week Laptop Sticker Proof


Marked as solved.