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Problem copying queries from desktop to dataflow

I am trying to copy a bunch of queries from the desktop to a dataflow. I succeeded once before, but now I copy all the queries in the desktop, but when I try to paste in the dataflow I get the message

We could not find queries in your clipboard.

If I paste into notepad, I can see all the queries.

Any suggestions?

Hi @BillK,

Have you tried just selecting one query in desktop, press CTRL+C and paste that into your dataflow with CTRL+V ? All depended Queries will be copied along with it automatically…

Yes, I tried copying a single query, but still get the same error message that it can’t queries in the clipboard.

Never encountered that @BillK, its weird.
One remedy left if errors don’t make sense, reboot and make sure you have the most recent PBI Desktop version installed. Got nothing else to offer I’m afraid.

Hope that helps!

i would say reboot your computer and start again on copying the queries. I know i had the same problem in other programs that i had reboot. Memory just get confused sometimes.

I found the solution! :smiley:

There is a bug with DataFlows in Mozilla Firefox. It can’t seem to paste from the clipboard to the dataflows if they are opened in Mozilla Firefox.

I opened the DataFlows in Chrome and it pasted without problem.

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Thanks for sharing this with the community!