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I raised a question previously on prior period calculation. A part of it was solved but i marked it as solved. I need help with my prior period calculation.

I have a timeframe filter and custom date filter. Custom date filter need to be cleared before using.

I want to get the sales for same number of days immediately prior to current period selection. e.g if the current date selection is 20-Feb-2023 thru 28-Feb-2023, then I want my prior period number to be from period 11-Feb-2023 thru 19-Feb-2023.

I am attaching pbix file with the model.

Thanks a lot.

eDNA Solution - PriorPeriod_SimplyfiedDates.pbix (22.9 MB)

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@gracejoshi Hello there! I had a similar problem with one of my reports I did at work.

In your pbix file I added “IsLastWeek” as a column in your Date Table.

IsLastWeek =
var vLastWeek = CALCULATE(MAX (‘DimCalendar’[SalesWeekEnding]),
FILTER(ALL(‘DimCalendar’), ‘DimCalendar’[Date] = MAX(‘DimCalendar’[Date])-6))

IF(‘DimCalendar’[SalesWeekEnding] = vLastWeek, “Y”, “N”)

Then I dropped this in the filter selection in the table and selected Y

But you are wanting Sales to appear, correct?

This is the DAX I inserted into the table. Do the numbers look right?

OPP Sales PW =
VAR CurrentWeek = SELECTEDVALUE(‘DimCalendar’[Weekno] )
VAR CurrentYear = SELECTEDVALUE(‘DimCalendar’[CalendarYear] )
VAR MaxWeekNumber = (CALCULATE( MAX (‘DimCalendar’[Weekno]), ALL(‘DimCalendar’)))

FILTER( ALL(‘DimCalendar’),
IF(CurrentWeek = 1,
‘DimCalendar’[Weekno]= MaxWeekNumber && ‘DimCalendar’[CalendarYear] = CurrentYear -1,
‘DimCalendar’[Weekno] = CurrentWeek - 1 && ‘DimCalendar’[CalendarYear] = CurrentYear )),
[Opp Sales (Units)])

The context was looking for the week number in order for you to find the previous week. So you can see that here in the code.


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Hi @Paul.Gerber

Do i need to have separate calculation for weekending ? Cant i have one calc which can be rolled up and down for date heirarchy (date, weekday, weekend, month etc) ?

@gracejoshi No. I used what was in your pbix file. I have uploaded it for you to look at.

eDNA Solution GERBER - PriorPeriod_SimplyfiedDates.pbix (22.8 MB)

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