Print/pdf without scroll bar

How can we print/export pdf a long matrix/table visual without showing scroll bar?
I had expand full visual along with increase a length of page but still scroll bar is showing.
Any solution a part of paginated reports?

Hi @khurram,

With the Power BI “native” tools I don’t think is possible. If you set your page height to the maximum available pixels (9.999) and still have the scroll bar it means you still have data to show in that matrix.
In this case, the only idea I have is to use a “panoramic screen capture” - in my case I use for a long time SnagIt.

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Hi @khurram

As per @Lucian, this isn’t possible straight out-of-the-box. There are two workarounds though.

  • Utilise RANKX to split the data into sections in combination with a visual filter and creating a new table/matrix visual for each section.

  • Create a paginated report

Utilising RANKX is only really viable if you have a known number of rows. Paginated reports require learning a new tool (Paginated report builder) but will print to PDF as many pages as are required.

In general, I use a paginated report in situations where I’m exporting out to users a table of data. But if you’re interested in a RANKX solution, have a look at these resources:

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