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Previous YTD Calculation

I’m struggling with a previous YTD calculation. If I place the measures in a table to show results by month or totals by year (i.e. first column in the table is a date field), it provides the full monthly or full yearly totals. And when I try to use the formula to compare YOY progress for salespeople or items, it shows the PYTD as the entire year and not the same period from last year.

Here are my measures.

Total Sales =

Sales Year to Date =
[Total Sales] ,
DATESYTD( Dates[Date] ) )

I’ve tried two separate measures to get last year’s YTD numbers.
Sales Year to Date LY =
[Sales Year to Date],

Sales YTD LY =
[Sales Year to Date],
DATEADD( Dates[Date],-1,YEAR ))

I’ve also explored these options, with the same results.

Sales Period This Year =
VAR LastSalesDate = MAXX(All(Billing[Ship_Date]), Billing[Ship_Date])
VAR SalesThisYear = TOTALYTD([Total Sales], Dates[Date])
If (MIN(Dates[Date])<= LastSalesDate, SalesThisYear, Blank() )

Sales Period Last Year =
CALCULATE([Sales Period This Year],

Another consideration - I use a relative date filter on the report page to show items when the value is in this year.

I’m not able to upload a PBIX file since it contains sensitive company data. Any help is appreciated.

Hi @npeterson. Very difficult to investigate without seeing your work-in-progress. Please use sample data or see @BrianJ’s YouTube video on masking sensitive data, and upload the results along with an Excel mock-up of your desired outcome for the forum members to pursue.

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Please also check the How To Mask Sensitive Data thread for some tips on how to mask your pbix file.

I tried yet another formula and this one worked. It combines the [Sales LY] measure with a second CALCULATE.

Cumulative Sales LY =
FILTER( ALLSELECTED( Dates ), Dates[Date] <= MAX( Billing[Ship_Date] ) ) ),
USERELATIONSHIP( Dates[Date], Billing[Ship_Date] ))

I don’t know why it works, but it does. Thanks all.