PowerBI Server - Schedule refresh

I have scheduled refresh current enabled on one of my PowerBI models on PowerBi report server.

However, the values do not get updated. The refresh status always shows as completed and no error.

I think the below may be the issue but hoping someone can confirm if it makes sense:

One of my fact tables is appending tables 2017 dataset and 2018 dataset into the 2019 dataset, thereby created one giant fact table with all three years. I then have disabled load on the 2017 and 2018 dataset as I don’t need those refreshed. I think because I have disabled load on these two datasets that flows into the large fact table hence the table doesn’t refresh.

Does this logic make sense?

Also - if data refreshes in PowerBI server, will the data be refreshed on the desktop version if I download from PowerBI server?

Can anyone help?

I’m honestly not 100% sure about this. Have you tested enabling the load again and seeing if that corrects it?

I presume the data in your desktop version will only be updated once you have refreshed the desktop file individually. It doesn’t know if the online service or online server has been updated.

If you download it directly from the server my only guess is yes it would be updated.

Personally I haven’t extensively used the server version, so I’m just guessing a lot here.

Sorry I can’t be much more help at this point.


Hi @avalon.ds,

That seems like an odd situation since what you are describing is standard Append Table functionality. However, it would be simple enough to test by enabling the load for the 2017 and 2018 tables and see if that causes the main table to refresh.

The answer to the second question appears to be “no, the data is not refreshed”. I keep all my reports on a network drive for dev work, refresh them manually as needed, then do a Save As to the report server to deploy them. The scheduled refreshes take over from there. I just tried your steps with an employee dashboard that I confirmed refreshed on the server over night, and the Last Refresh date/time I display in the Desktop was 4/29/19 which is when I last worked on it locally.

I do know that if I work on a report locally with non-refreshed data and then deploy it to the server, the server data will revert to whatever I had locally.

John C. Pratt

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