PowerBI Desktop November 2020 Released

OK, I have just received the November 2020 update :-).

  • New Model View
  • List item
  • Zoom sliders on charts
  • Anomaly detection
  • New field list
    No blog post, when that is available I will post a link…
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Anomaly Detection in Line Charts at last.

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I really like the “Anomaly Detection” feature. What’s next? May be “Clustering” :grinning:

@quantumudit It’s Microsoft so we have to wait for one year for something new to come :rofl:

December is now set for Small Multiples :wink:


Don’t know if you all have seen this monthly series that comes out after each new release. This month’s version had some audio problems at the beginning, but at about the 20 minute mark they get it straightened out. Enjoyable and insightful discussion about the new release features from a panel of big-name MS MVPs.

  • Brian