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PowerBI Desktop May 2021 Released

Power BI May 2021 Feature Summary | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI

  • Modern visual tooltips

  • Small multiples: now on by default

  • New field list: Generally available

  • Smart Narratives and Anomaly detection: Generally available

  • Model view updates

  • Explore, and refresh PivotTables connected to Power BI inside Excel for the web

  • And others, check out the blog post above…


Moden visual tooltips is a great improvement :slight_smile:


As always, thanks very much for the update. I always liken the monthy update to opening Christmas presents. This month feels like we got a bunch of underwear and socks - kind of disappointing that it’s not the PBI equivalent of a puppy or a Playstation 5, but hey we all need underwear and socks too.

Totally agree with you that the Modern Visual Tooltip is the best pair of socks in the box - it’s pretty limited in scope at the moment, but kind of reminds me of how they rolled out conditional formatting - for a while it seemed like every month we were getting new conditional formatting options on additional visuals, and I suspect the same will be true for the Modern Visual Tooltip.

I played around with this for a while yesterday exploring its capabilities and limitations, and have a video on my initial assessment coming out on the EDNA YouTube channel tomorrow.

Thanks again for always keeping us up to date on the new features - much appreciated!

  • Brian