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PowerBI Desktop March 2021 Released (includes easier CALCULATE function!)

Yep, the March 2021 PowerBI Desktop has been released.
New Measure is now back at the top of options when right click table in the Fields pane.
Connect to Dataverse, which used to be called Common Data Service in the Power Platform.
New DAX function, IF.EAGER. Example:

IF.EAGER(<condition>, TRUE(), 0) returns TRUE or 0, but the formula IF.EAGER(<condition>, 1.0, 0) returns only decimal values even though value_if_false is of the whole number data type.

I was expecting the Microsoft Automate Visual to be in preview, but seems not yet… Power Automate visual - Power Platform Release Plan | Microsoft Docs

There are other updates, but…

Once the official blog has been released, I will link here. (or can you find them before the official blog is posted?..)


Here is the official blog post release:
Power BI March 2021 Feature Summary | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI

CALCULATE filters are easier to use, example:

SalesRedW := CALCULATE(Sales[Sales Amount], Product[Color] = "Red" || Product[Style] = "W")

This would error, to fix you would add FILTER().

SalesRedW := CALCULATE(Sales[Sales Amount], FILTER( ALL( ‘Product’[Color], ‘Product’[Style]), ‘Product’[Color]=“Red” || ‘Product’[Style]=“W”))

Well in this release, no need to add the FILTER()
This makes it easier to build calculations that require multiple filters and complex combinations of conditions, such as OR (||) and AND (&&).


Nice thanks for the update here.

Makes sense