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Power Query to fetch Direct/Indirect reporting resources using Active Directory

Hi All,

Can anybody let me know if we can extract data from Active Directory to get all the resource list reporting under Specific Manager.
For example : Mr. A is heading a department then in this case I need to get all the resources list who are directly or indirectly reporting to Mr. “A”.

if its possible than which tables I can refer from Active Directory ?

Hi @rajender1984, we aim to consistently improve the topics being posted on the forum to help you in getting a strong solution faster.

  • Provide as much context to a question as possible.

  • Include the masked demo pbix file

  • images of the entire scenario you are dealing with any other supporting links and details.

Please also check the How To Mask Sensitive Data thread for some tips on how to mask your pbix file.

Here are some videos that may help you masking sensitive data and create datasets and data models representative of your problem:

Hi @rajender1984, we’ve noticed that no response has been received from you since the 8th of June.

We are waiting for the masked demo pbix file and any other supporting links and details.

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