Power Query editor for VS Code

Found a new PQ editor in VSCODE that allows you to edit the M code in an excel file and then update it, without the need of copy and pasting the final code from VS Code to PQ Editor.

Install the EditExcelPQM extension:

open the folder containing the excel file:

Right click on the file name and select the second option to extract the M code.

It will then create M file in the same directory and will open the Excel file.

Here is the data that I have created and loaded in the dummy file:

Now let’s edit some M code in the file created by this extension

It also has intellisense feature:

Once you are done with the changes save the file:

Right click the file name and select the first option:

go back to Excel and refresh the queries and you will see the modified M code/step:


marking the post as solved.