Power Query dynamic filter based on Todays date

I would like to create a dynamic filter in Power Query in order for Table (as referring in the attached pbix) to be filtered on the dates that belong to the current Quarter in Calendar column from the date table as of today’s date.

In my example I would like to have in Table only the 3 following dates: March 15th, March12th and March 10th.

Any help would be appreciated.

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17032023.pbix (117.6 KB)

Hi @Cedric,

The M standard Library contains a number of ‘relative date’ functions that are all evaluated against the current date and time “on the system”. Note that for queries refreshed in the Power BI Service this means UTC. When in doubt you can always request the current timezone with the dynamic TimeZone.Current value.

Give this a go.

Date.IsInCurrentQuarter( [Date] )

Read more here

I hope this is helpful

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