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Power Platform Books

I’m currently working through the courses on Power Apps and Power Automate and I’m looking for any recommendations for good reference books on the subject.

I’m old school and really like the feel of a bound book that I can mark up with my notes.



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Hello Guy -

Like you, I enjoy having a physical copy of the information. These two options are good for beginners and will provide you some easy to find solutions or answers to questions you may have. I will say though, with any type of application work, there is more value in the ‘live/recorded’ version. Sometimes the written solutions are harder to follow. There are some great instructors out there on ‘YouTube’ and in eDNA. But, to get to your request, here are a couple of options for ‘beginners’ that show real world solutions to business problems using PowerApps and Power Automate:

  1. Beginning Power Apps: The Non-Developers Guide to Building Business Applications Author: Tim Leung View on Amazon

  2. Workflow Automation with Microsoft Power Automate: Achieve digital transformation through business automation with minimal coding View on Amazon

Have fun developing and automating your business processes.
I hope these suggestions are helpful.

Linda Q