Power Platform & 3rd Party API

Hey All,

I came across an interesting case. There is a 3rd party API which has a set of “blocks”:

  1. Block A
    1A) API INPUT Company Name
    1B) API OUTPUT List Of Matches - all the companies that have similar name to the one entered in 1A; each match has a set of attributes (Company Name, Revenue, Size, Industry, Number Of Employees)

  2. Block B
    2A) API INPUT 1B API Output serves as an API Input for 2A. The user has to select one of the records populated in 1B, optionally the user can edit parameters (company name, revenue, size, industry, number of employees). The API requires Company Name, Revenue, Size, Industry and Number Of Employees as inputs for this call.
    2B) API OUTPUT Company Score

What I would like to achieve is the following:
A) Use Power Apps to trigger 1A (the user will enter the company name).
B) Once the API gives as an output a list of matches, I would like these to have written to Snowflake. Then, this table will be shown as a list in Power Apps.
C) From the list mentioned in B, the user will select one of the record, optionally will adjust parameters and will click “SUBMIT” to trigger 2A.
D) The API output 2B will be written to Snowflake as well.
E) Power BI will be connected to Snowflake tables in DQ mode.


  1. Is triggering 3rd party API possible with Power Apps? If yes, how then the output can be written?
  2. Are there any workarounds to write data to Snowflake with Power Platform? As I think there is no connector from Power Apps to Snowflake.
  3. Any other watch outs or comments that I should consider?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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