Power BI Workout 3 - Dynamic Sales Dashboard

Dynamic Sales Dashboard

Project Description:

Create a dynamic sales dashboard using Power BI to visualize sales data across multiple dimensions such as time, product categories, and regions. Utilize advanced features like drill-through and tooltips to enhance interactivity.

Use the below data.

Dynamic_Sales_Dashboard_Dataset.csv (33.3 KB)


  1. Import the provided sales dataset.
  2. Create measures to calculate total sales, average sales per item, and year-over-year growth.
  3. Design a dashboard with at least three interactive visuals: a line chart for sales over time, a bar chart comparing sales by product category, and a map showing sales by region.
  4. Implement drill-through capabilities to allow detailed analysis by specific products.

Expected Outcome:

A fully interactive Power BI dashboard that provides insightful views into the sales performance.