Power BI Tenant Migration

Hi All,

Currently our organisation is planning for tenant to tenant migration of Power BI.

Have any body done the power bi tenant migration in their organisation and can help me with the necessary steps and challenges they have faced.

Below are the steps i have taken into consideration -

For Migration things required would be -

  1. Service account with Global admin permission in the new Tenant.

  2. Creating the new workspace in the Power BI service(using new tenant account)

  3. The neccessary access to the service accounts in the gateways and datasource.

  4. Creation of the gateway using new account and reconfiguring each and every data source with the new tenant account having correct access to the databases.

5.Recreation of the dashboards.

  1. re implementing the RLS.

  2. Adding users to the workspace.

Also on the last day of the migration we can switch of the old tenant? before that we can migrate to the new tenant and keep it ready? or it is necessary to 1st switch off the old tenant and then move to a new tenant for power bi migration.

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Sorry I don’t have a huge amount to add this this as have not had specific experience with each aspect of the request.

I’m sure you’ve done some searching around the web. Found any help that way. Seems like a logical thing for MS to have some documentation on.


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