Power BI report sharing w/o Pro or Premium Capacity

Is it possible to share a Power BI report to a large audience who do not have pro licenses without using premium capacity? Is there any way around this?

i.e. SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, etc.?

Or is it possible to share a .pbix with the large audience and hide the underlying data and what not?

Thank you


If the information in the report isn’t sensitive, you can do this via the Publish to Web feature.

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@BrianJ is absolutely right in reconmending caution here.

GuyInACube also released this video recently, that might be worth checking out… What you NEED to know about Publish to Web in Power BI


@Melissa’s message made me realize I probably didn’t emphasize this sufficiently, but once you employ this option, the information you make available is “out in the wild” for anyone to see. Since I work in the public sector, much of our data is freely available anyway, so this often isn’t a big deal as long as there is no personally identifiable information in the report. However, in the private sector there are probably far fewer appropriate applications of publish to web. But for those times when it is appropriate, it works great.

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Hi @dttrombino

If you’re just looking to share the report then best thing is to share it through subscription and that is only possible to be shared with people who have license.

If you want to share it with multiple people, i would recommend you to have a generic email group and add people to that alias and get license for that email group.

And to answer your other point regarding hiding underlying data, you can turn that off under options and settings, go to options then under Current File select report settings and there under “Export Data” you’ll see 2 options :

Default option allows user just to download the data that they’re viewing on their screen.
2nd option would give access to download underlying data, which you need to be fully sure if you’re allowing that to the users.

Rest you can follow the videos shared by Brian and Melissa.

Hope this helps.


Thank you all. Much appreciated

My company is dealing with a similar issue, we simply aren’t large enough for premium capacity, and there is a large group of people who won’t use PowerBi frequently enough to justify individual Pro licensing.

Our solution is similar to what @kkrj.ankit described.
Our management team, and some supervisors have their own unique logins (using Pro licensing)
Our sales teams have shared logins (different divisions have different logins)

The appropriate reports are shared to each email profile.
The downsides to the shared login approach are:

  1. I have no idea who is logging into the report from the shared profile
  2. I have to be careful about using role-level security, unless it is basically a question of -
    Does a sales person get to see this, or is it only suitable for managers?

We also have a third group of people, who don’t need to drill into the data, they just need a PDF snapshot of it every day. For those people, I have set up an email subscription of the report, into my email, and then added a rule to my email box to forward that email out to an email group when it arrives in my Outlook.

Report sharing can be challenging from the small-to-mid business level, so I share your pain. :slight_smile:


Just wanted to add this for future reference.