Power BI Report Server - October 2020 version with bugs

My organization downloaded the October 2020 Report Server upgrade yesterday. We are having many bugs with this upgrade. The data sources won’t refresh. The error message: COM error; System.Core, Sequence Contains no elements.

Any one else have this issue? Have a fix? We might revert back to May 2020 Report Server because of this issue.

@LisaKBI1129 I would always suggest to be at least 1/2 versions behind the current version, latest version generally comes with bugs when they make some significant improvements (diagram view UI improvements in this release), for example since July/Calculation Group update the DAX editor occasionally freezes when you are trying to zoom in or out and the cursor is directly over the DAX intellisense, and they haven’t been able to fix it so far. I tried the version that came out 2 days ago and it seems like it is a bit slow and definitely feels like a bloatware.

I haven’t used the October version of the report server, if the new version doesn’t bring any significant value for you then you should roll back.