Power bi report pointing to different environments

The power bi report is currently pointing to dev environment and ingesting data for different tables…Now I want to point the report to test environment so that the tables are populated fro test environment instead.
What is the easiest way to do this?
thank you

Perhaps the simplest approach is to use a parameter in Power Query. For example, you can create a parameter named ENV with a text value such as dev. Subsequently, in your queries, replace hardcoded values pointing to your source with strings that dynamically incorporate the environment based on the parameter’s value. By doing so, you can seamlessly repoint your data sources as needed by simply adjusting this parameter.


Parameter Name: source-database
Value: dev

then an example first line in a query might be:

= Sql.Database(#"source-database", "db")

Another option is to manage this with dataflows. Dataflows can abstract the data preparation process from desktop. By creating different dataflows for each environment (dev, test, prod), you can manage the environment switching at the dataflow level. This approach centralizes data management and may simplify access control and data refresh settings.

Another option might be handle it dynamically via gatewa. If your data source requires an on-premises gateway, configuring the gateway to dynamically switch between data sources based on custom logic or environment-specific settings can be a viable option.

You could also use sql views to manage the environment switching. Create views that abstract the environment-specific details and switch the underlying data source in the SQL database without changing anything in Power BI.

You could also use scripting to programatically update connection strings. PowerShell scripts or DevOps pipelines can be used to programmatically update connection strings or parameters, integrating environment switching into your CI/CD process.

Aim for a solution that balances scalability with ease of maintenance. The best choice depends on your specific requirements, including your technical environment, data governance policies, and the complexity of your Power BI setup.

thank you