Power BI Relationship?



i have 2 tables where i am not able to create one to many or many to one relationship and getting following message “The cardinality you selected is not valid for this relationship”.

Default it is creating Many-to-Many and this not helping me.

I am aware of duplicates & uniqueness that matters in creating relationship.

I have tried creating like 3rd table and couple of others suggestion doing google but no luck.

I am looking for any proven workaround to create one to many or many to one relationship.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanking in advance.


Check out this video and see if you can integrate a virtual relationship into the mix.

All is explained here


Thank you Sam for your reply, the problem is that i have dependency on 2 columns on my main table and one of column as repeated customer id. I cannot create table with TREATAS function which create distinct values as column is one to many values in my orginal table.


Can you place some images of the scenario. Will need to see more around the model and the issue


Hello Sam:

Thanks for your reply. As you can see from below that because of non-uniqueness values of Table ABC & XYZ, one to many or many to one relationship cannot be created.

Many to Many doesn’t helps as it give me cross join. i want to see if there is work around that i can create one to many or many to one.

Based on relationship between product_type_no & product_no, i want to display description in my report.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


You likely need to solve this is the model. You really need a column of unique values, so it looks like the product type no needs to been broken out and placed above this table in your model so that is can filter it properly.

Similar to the technique described here