Power BI Random Drawing Report

Hi All,

I thought I would share a Power BI report that I created that can be used to simulate a random drawing of meeting attendants. We just used it in our monthly Austin Texas Power BI User Group meeting that I co-lead. It was used to randomly select a winner for the EDNA Scholarship Giveaway for the month of July.

I’ve attached the PBIX file and Excel file that is used as the source. There are more robust solutions that could have been used but I wanted to create something within Power BI that we could use in our user group meetings since we mainly focus on Power BI.

The Power BI report contains instructions on how to use it and an explanation of the calculations that were used as well. The idea was to simulate a virtual drawing of names that get randomly selected when the “Draw” selection is made within the report. The report is then reset be Deselecting the “Draw” selection, Refreshing the report, and selecting “Draw” again to generate a different random winner.

We plan to use this report in our monthly virtual meetings to randomly select a meeting attendee for the EDNA Scholarship Giveaway for that month. Thanks to EDNA for offering these scholarship giveaways to our Power BI User Group.

I hope you find the attached report helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions about it or suggestions to improve it!

Mike Ford

Enterprise DNA Random Scholarship Drawing.pbix (36.8 KB)

Austin PUG Attendance.xlsx (9.8 KB)


Hi @mford,

That’s pretty cool !!!
And a great initiative from the Enterprise DNA to give the scholarship giveaways to help people in brushing up their skills in BI and Data Analysis.
This post is sharing the things you did and thanksgiving to the DNA team for the scholarships. In case you need any assistance related to Power BI then you can do that as well in this Forum and will get quick responses from our expert users.


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Thanks Shubham! Yes it’s a great initiative and we are very thankful that EDNA is offering this to our group.

I will definitely take advantage of the support in the forum if I need Power BI assistance.


Hi @mford, thank you for providing this group with a valuable insight. We greatly appreciate your efforts and your share of knowledge.

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Awesome, well done on the sharing. Great to hear the response is positive.

Love the idea for the random generator. Super stuff!

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Thanks Sam! Happy to share it with everyone. I utilized the slicer harvesting technique in the report which I learned from your courses. It’s very useful with lots of use cases.


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