Power BI mobile layout view

Hi all

I created a report on Power BI desktop & also a mobile layout view.

The report is published online to the Power BI service and I can view both the “Reading view” and “Mobile Layout view”

However the problem is when viewing the report using mobile phones or other colleagues phones, we are NOT able to view the mobile layout version.

The version viewed on the mobile phone is the desktop layout reports

Please can I get any suggestions/ advice - Many thanks

Hi @atin, on the mobile are you using the PowerBI app to view these reports?.

Hi marcster_uk

No I am not viewing it on the PowerBI app. I used the link that I got from the “Public to Web (embed code” feature.
I was opening up the link using my phone and not using the PowerBI app to view the report.

1 - Can we only view mobile friendly reports by having access to the PowerBI App?
2 - when sharing reports with others, do they have to download the PowerBI app in order to view the mobile version

I was of the opinion that anyone could open up a link and it defaults to either a mobile or desktop version depending on what kind of smart phone, laptop or PC a person was using.

Many thanks for sending the document - I will check this now.

Hi @atin, The app(s) were created specially for viewing PowerBI on mobile devices. Has the above answered your question?.

You might want to design a dashboard specifically for mobile using the feature “phone layout” on Power BI. Like this:


Read more about it here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-bi/desktop-create-phone-report

Hi marcster_uk

No the document did not answer my question unfortunately

I have created both a phone layout view and main view report using the Power BI desktop

I also published both report views on the Power BI online service

When I login to the power bi app on my mobile phone, I am able to view the mobile layout.

However when I share the “publish to web embed code” link from Power BI online service to my friends and colleagues to view, they are only able to see the main report layout on their phones.

Hi @atin, “Publish to web” is unsupported in phone layout view.