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Power BI Interview Tips/Questions

I have 2 ideas for content and I am going to put each of them separately. First I was wondering if Team Enterprise DNA would consider adding help/support for job Interview, in form of questions can be asked during an interview just like pragmatic works have done on their Youtube channel. I believe this will add great value to Enterprise’s membership :smile:.


Welcome to the forum! Great to have you here.

I’m wondering if we can crowd-source the tremendous expertise and experience of the eDNA membership to come up with a great set of questions?

I’ll get things rolling. While I’ve never hired a Power BI developer or administrator before, I think the list of questions (and some of the advanced ones added via the comment section) represents a pretty good start. If I interviewed someone who could give complete, clear and thoughtful answers to all these questions, I’d be pretty confident that they knew what they were doing.

I invite others on the forum to add additional questions (either that you’ve asked or been asked) below by replying to this thread. When we have everyone’s response, we can perhaps compile that into a single document posted on the site.


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My view on this is that it’s been done many times elsewhere.

Personally I’m more focussed on developing superior analysts who can complete amazing work in Power BI. If you can showcase this well, you should be able to ge a job anywhere.

Showcasing your work and development skills is more important in my opinion.

Agree with Brian that there would be a lot of great knowledge contained within the brains of those in the community that could be collated here.


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This issue of good interview questions for Power BI positions comes up periodically on the forum. This morning, via Power BI Weekly, I came across the following article which I thought had a lot of excellent suggestions on this topic:

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