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I have a file (which I cannot share) where filters fields turn black when they are used.
It is not the complete filter pane just each individual filter tile, when a filter is added (i.e. not All anymore).

What could be possible reasons & remedies for that. Thanks!


Hi @Matthias

Kindly check the whether the background is kept as Black with 0% Transparency in format pane for Filter Pane setting ?

Thank You,
Dharmendar S

Hi Dharmendar,
thanks for the suggestion!
No it’s white. I saw a post with this topic, and that is why I wrote it is not the complete pane.
And it is only on the filters where a selection is activated (not All).
Thanks again,

Hi @Matthias ,

I had similar problem once, when I (over)play with Power BI Theme Generator and overplay with colors. I could not remember exactly what options did I put. Did you change maybe json Theme file recently ?

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Hi @Matthias. You can change the filter pane background colour as desired from View\Customize current theme\Filter pane. I changed to black in a test PBIX.

Perhaps this will help?

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Hi Maja and @Greg,
Maja is right, that file has a changed Theme. => I changed a lot on purpose and that change on the Applied filter cards must have happened by accident and without noticing.

Thanks to both of you,