Power bi divide formula is averaging out the result instead of Sum

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I have a table as per the attached image where for price column i need to get sum, but instead it’s averaging out in power bi.

Pbix file is attached for your reference.

Any help is much appreciated on this.


power%20bi1 power%20bi2 Test.pbix (39.2 KB)

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Just need to apply a bit of extra logic in the DAX measure to get the correct total. This revised measure should work for you:

Price Revised Logic = 

VAR BasePriceTable = // This creates a virtual table from which we can calculate the correct total price
    ADDCOLUMNS( 'Product',
        "BasePriceCol", [Price] // This is your measure

VAR TotalBasePrice = // This calculates the sum of the price column in our virtual table
    SUMX( BasePriceTable, [BasePriceCol] )

IF( HASONEVALUE( 'Product'[Product] ),   // This tests whether the row being evaluated references a specific product or the total row, and applies the correct measure to each 


Here’s are a couple of videos where Sam explains this issue in detail:

Hope this is helpful.

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P.S. thanks very much for providing the PBIX file and a clear explanation of the problem - makes it much easier to assist.

Full solution file attached:
Correcting Grand Total.pbix (45.0 KB)


Hi Brian,
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It really help me a lot.