Power BI Desktop taking long time to open

I have been using Power BI Desktop since March and things were fine.
However, over the last 2-3 months this has become really slow to open. It takes between 10-30 mins to open any file. and all the BI files i have used so far are under 1mb. Once it does open the whole system slows down.

My system is windows 10, 64bit, 4gb ram.

Pls advise how to resolve this issue.


That’s doesn’t seem great and shouldn’t really be happening.

Seems fine at my end so would have to be computer specific I would say.

Do you have any other issues with the computer? Have you also tried opening your files on another computer to see if you get the same results?

This is all I can really think off right now.

Quite hard to say on these sorts of issues exactly what could be wrong.

Have you also got anything unique in your models, like big data tables, unique calculations that take a long time to calculate?

If it open and slowing the whole system down it can sometimes be that the formulas you have are having to work to hard, so can you think of any complex formula that you have?

Hi Sam,
I think the issue may be with the calculations being done in Power BI, as a new blank power bi file is opening up quickly.

How could i identify which calculation is causing the issue? (there are 100s of measures written in the model). Would switching to a 16GB ram system solve the issue?

I had this issue before getting a new PC. RAM seemed to be my main issue. I upgraded to 32 BG and Power BI responded must faster.

I also found that old junk files left behind on my PC caused numerous issues. Cleaning up these junk file seemed to help the overall PC in addition to Power BI files.


Thanks for the input GuyJohnson.
Getting a system with a better RAM maybe the solution;
as I have already tried deleting junk files, temp files, disabling anti-virus etc. None of it seemed to help.

@sam.mckay what system config do you recommend?