Power BI Desktop September 2022 Released

Yes people, the September 2022 Power BI Desktop has been released.

  • Improved formatting for data labels
  • Conditional formatting for data labels
  • Translations support for Composite models on Power BI Datasets and Analysis Servies (Preview)
  • Auto-generate reports on existing datasets
  • Paginated reports data preview
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Also, additional versions released for bug fixes for this month were:

September 2022 QF3 Version 2.109.1021.0 Released 4th October 2022
Performance regression fix: customers will now see faster performance when they open and save .pbix files that have a large number of queries.

September 2022 QFE 2 Version 2.109.844.0 Released 28th September 2022
Horizontal Fusion improvement: now covers more query patterns, including patterns that rely on “TreatAs” to filter results.

September 2022 QFE 1 Version 2.109.782.0 Released 20th September 2022
Fix for Card visual: users can now set and modify the conditional formatting options to callout value color.
Fix for charts with multiple series: conditional formatting will now correctly apply multiple colors to data labels.