Power BI Desktop November 2023 Released

The November 2023 release of Power BI Desktop has been released!
This month’s goodies are:

  • Button Slicer (although does not accept measures)
  • Reference Labels
  • Narrative visual with Copilot
  • DAX query view to write and run DAX queries on your model
  • Others…

Well, it seems that the download is not quite ready for release… yet.
But will be coming along soon folks :slight_smile:


The download and store pages are still at version 2.122.1066.0 published 1st Nov 23 currently.
But here is the official blog post anyway…

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November release, version 2.123.684.0 is now available :-).

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DAX Queries are impressive…

Yes, you can now do DAX queries natively, instead of using DAX Studio if your company has blocked the install of External Tools.

Blog Post :

I am really curious about the semantic model scale-out. This could help us with the reports that consumed with thousand of users.