Power BI & DAX Workshop (July-2020)

Hello guys,

On the month of July-20 (Around 14th July, I guess), there was a 4-day workshop on Power BI & DAX… I could able to follow-up for 3 days but, I missed the 4th day and now I am not able to track it on YouTube.

If anyone can give me the link to that workshop then, it would be a great help.

Looking forward to your reply.


Hi @quantumudit,

You can find those in the resources, think its June though the Business Analytics Week

I hope this is helpful

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Hi @Melissa

Thanks for the help.

I have checked this, but, didn’t able to find that workshop.

As far as I remember, it was July, and in the 4 days workshop, Sam made and explained the “EU sales Report” :

Let me know if you find that workshop link. :blush:

Looks like the July and August summits haven’t been posted yet … looping @EnterpriseDNA in to this thread.


Hi @quantumudit, replay videos of the Power BI and DAX Masterclass (July 2020) will be sent to your email as requested. Thanks!

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Thanks, @Greg & @EnterpriseDNA for such a quick response.
Really appreciate all your help. :blush:

Thanks again !!

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