Power BI Dataset Refresh Issue using API as a source


I have successfully created a Power BI dashboard using an API. However, I’m currently facing challenges while attempting to refresh the dataset using Power BI services. I’ve developed a function to address the limitation of retrieving only 100 rows.

Could someone please guide me on refreshing my dataset using Power BI services? I’ve attached the advanced editor, which includes an invoke function (FnGetAllData) and adds the endpoint to the function.

The website I want to use is: https://api.ihasco.co.uk/endpoint?authentication=YOUR_TOKEN

[Fngetdataall.txt](javascript:void(0)) (2.4 KB)

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

It seems like you’ve encountered challenges in refreshing your Power BI dataset using Power BI services and have developed a function to address the limitation of retrieving only 100 rows from the API.

To assist you further, let’s break down the steps for refreshing your dataset using Power BI services:

  1. Power BI Service Configuration:
  • Make sure your Power BI Service dataset is configured to use the same function and endpoint you’ve developed. Check the dataset settings in the Power BI Service to ensure they match your local Power BI Desktop setup.
  1. Data Source Credentials:
  • Confirm that the credentials for accessing the API in Power BI Service are correctly configured. If your API requires authentication, make sure to input the necessary credentials or tokens.
  1. Scheduled Refresh:
  • In the Power BI Service, under the dataset settings, set up a scheduled refresh to periodically update the data from the API. Ensure that the refresh frequency aligns with your reporting needs.
  1. Monitor Refresh Logs:
  • Check the refresh logs in the Power BI Service for any error messages or warnings. This can provide insights into why the refresh might be failing.
  1. Adjust Query Folding:
  • If your data source supports query folding (pushing operations back to the data source for processing), make sure that your Power Query transformations allow for this optimization. Query folding can significantly improve refresh performance.
  1. Review Privacy Levels:
  • Verify the privacy levels for your data sources in Power BI Desktop. Power BI may restrict data sharing between different data sources based on privacy levels. Adjust these settings if necessary.

If you’re still facing issues, it would be helpful to understand any error messages or specific problems encountered during the refresh.