Power BI - Colour Theme Generator


Hi Sam
If possible do you know where the Enterprise DNA Colour Theme Generator is.
I cannot seem to locate on the below link.




It’s actually just sitting within this course module

Also here I describe a technique I also use to get color schemes that I find works well also.


Great! Thanks Sam.
I have checked the Excel template. The Macro has given me this message?
Not sure if you could please give me some light on this Macro Error message?


Sorry, try this one. I thought that was fixed but must have to update again.

Excel Colour Schemes - HEX Values.zip (815.0 KB)


Hi Sam Thanks !
Great, files seems to be fine now.

Just as feedback for the HEX Codes file.
Would be interesting if when you click “Confirm” it creates the JSON files. and asks for specifcs colours for the power bi visuals we want.