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Power BI Challenge 5 - Optical Data from Bismarck

Here’s Bismarck’s entry for Power BI Challenge 5. @bafuzie, would you like to share how you built this dashboard and what your inspiration is in building it?

To learn about the real-life scenario presented for the challenge, be sure to click on the image below.


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Thanks @bafuzie for your wonderful participation in this challenge. The challenge is getting better we appreciate participation from talented individuals like you and we hope that you continue to share them with us in the future.

Thanks for your submission here and it looks like you’re making a good start around your Power BI reporting.

You’ve really gone out there with the black background for your report which I give you credit for. From experience I know it can sometimes be hard to overlay that black background and still make insights stand out and not detract from your analytical work.

One thing I might suggest here is just to have a deeper think around how you can showcase certain insights to your consumers. When I look at this report in its current state I don’t know where to really start and then proceed to when I’m trying to understand information about a particular patient or about the information for that particular patient. Maybe here just a little bit of preplanning around how you might set out your report could have made it easier to comprehend.

For example it’s not immediately obvious to me how I would filter on a customer and see all of the details for that particular customer. Like there information. Maybe you’ve got a scrolling table there but that would take a long time to find individual patients so you need some way to enable the user to drill down into more granular detail if they want to.

Definitely check out some of the other submissions where insights have been showcased across multiple pages. In particular check out Melissa’s submission which I think is world class in terms of it’s effectiveness of showcasing insights that users would need and also easy to navigate.

Also it would be interesting to see how you’ve set out your model and semdex formula here to see how far you got.

Look forward to hearing from you.