Power BI Challenge 16 - Timesheet Utilisation Reporting from Robert (Non-member)

Here’s Robert’s entry for Power BI Challenge 16. @robert.maembe, feel free to add other details of your work.

Here’s how Robert described it:

Couple of comments on my report:

  • The report focuses on both short term (month-to-date) and longer term (year-to-date) performance to support both strategic and tactical planning. Both views provide context, trends and additional details to better understand earnings drivers.
  • I have introduced a new dimension – client size: small (< $10K annual sales) and large ($10K+) as high utilization rate were highly correlated with big clients / projects. Therefore focus on large projects should be motivated.
  • The Price – Volume matrix illustrates the current pricing structure where small and big projects tend to have the same hourly rate. The company should re-evaluate it’s pricing policy and implement a pricing structure that is volume-driven. In addition, it should evaluate implementing a dynamic pricing model similar to airlines and hotels to maximize utilization rate and average rate per available hours.
  • My objective was not only to create a classic report that only provides historical information, but to use it also a strategic planning tool . The Planner allows users to play with the various variables and see not only the result but also the sensitivity of results to variances in inputs. These new targets are then used to track performance over time. As the environment is changing, these targets can be adjusted accordingly, thus providing management the ability to adapt quickly to market reality instead of a rigid annual planning process.

To learn about the real-life scenario presented for the challenge, be sure to click on the image below.


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Wow Robert, what a spectacular report.

I love all of the visualization choices you’ve made and how you have positioned them in the report. Also the seamless way a user can navigate through a different story or to any particular information that might be relevant to them.

This is really nice and I absolutely love the utilization rates calendar and how you’ve set up this page. That is so compelling and the ability to dynamically showcase different dates is super. Looks like you’ve used the matrix visualization to the max here with some conditional formatting. This is absolutely fantastic and a brilliant representation of ways that we can customize certain visuals in power BI to showcase things that intuitively don’t look like they are possible from first look.

The scenario analysis using parameter tables on the last page are also great. The way you’ve showcased this using the equation is really creative.

Nothing for me to suggest really at all. This is a Power BI report of the highest quality.

This is super clean, super informative and more. Really impressed by your talent and your submission.



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