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Power BI Challenge 14 - Emergency Services Analytics from Rhix (Non-member)

Here’s the entry from one of our non-member participants, Rhix.

To learn about the real-life scenario presented for the challenge, be sure to click on the image below.



This post is part of the Enterprise DNA platform improvements. Through these posts, members and non-members can showcase the resources and inspirations on how they come up with their challenge submissions. We hope all members can utilize it efficiently.

Great report here really impressed by what you have put together. I love so many little aspects of this from the way you have used a grid layout to the navigation features but also the variability in some of the visuals you’ve used. I think you’ve been really smart around what visuals you’ve used for which insights.

It’s such a clean an easy to navigate report that tells me from start to finish everything that I would need to know with the brief from this challenge.

from the summaries you’ve made and some of the visuals all the way down to the detail in the table in the last page it comprehensively breaks down from a macro and micro point of view all of the things I would want to know.

Congrats on your submission and really glad to see you being a part of the challenges. Look forward to seeing more.