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Power BI Challenge 14 - Emergency Services Analytics from Kishore (Non-member)

Here’s the entry from one of our non-member participants, Kishore.

To learn about the real-life scenario presented for the challenge, be sure to click on the image below.



This post is part of the Enterprise DNA platform improvements. Through these posts, members and non-members can showcase the resources and inspirations on how they come up with their challenge submissions. We hope all members can utilize it efficiently.

Nice work in your submission here and appreciate all the creativity that you have looked to include on each different report page. I always encourage using backgrounds as a way to showcase your insights in a more compelling way, and I think you’ve done that effectively here.

One easy change would be making sure that your color palette is consistent and I think that some of the lighter colors maybe just don’t make some insight stand out enough and I think you want to make sure that you simplify down your overall color themes that it is completely consistent.

given a lot of information that you have brought into your report and so it totally covers the brief and I am easily able to find everything that I want from a data perspective. I think maybe just a little bit more coordination around where you place some filters and some visualizations but I think just by leveraging off some of the really well designed reports that have been submitted before to prior challenges would be an easy way to get more inspiration around how to do that going forward

Nice work look forward to seeing more submissions and improvements in the future.


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