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Power BI Challenge 1 - Executive Sales Report from Mukesh

The Power BI Challenge is not about winning, but more about learning and improving Power BI and analytical skills.

One of our members is going back to the challenges.

Here’s Mukesh’s entry for Power BI Challenge 1. @MK3010, feel free to add other details of your work.

To learn about the real-life scenario presented for the challenge, be sure to click on the image below.



@MK3010 ,

First off, kudos for going back and challenging yourself on these past Data Challenges. I truly don’t think there is a better way to learn and improve your skills than by doing so. There’s a lot I like about what you’ve done here. I think the color theme is striking. You’ve employed a nice range of techniques and visuals here, and I think the overall organization using the gridded style that @sam.mckay recommends works very well on this report. I also like the array of cards at the top highlighting key metrics.

In terms of recommendations for improvement, I think the main thing I would focus on is data storytelling. What are the key points, conclusions, recommendations you would want someone to take away from this report? And then ask whether the structure and organization of the report conveys those key points effectively.

In this case, you have dedicated half the front page to the top and bottom 3 analysis, while placing the highly informative map visuals on the second page. Perhaps consider reducing the top/bottom analysis into a much smaller pane and using bookmarks to allow the user to toggle between top and bottom, thus saving more than half your space dedicated to this.

In addition, perhaps consider use of tooltips to add additional value and information to some of your visuals, without increasing the amount of space required.

Overall though, very nice work.

  • Brian

HI @BrianJ

Thanks for your comment, yes I followed @sam.mckay gridded style which I learned earlier.

On your recommendation, yes I too felt that half of the visual are is occupied in my report with top and bottom, I should have placed map instead of top and bottom and let user to get more info with tooltips like below sample




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