Power BI Certification Training


Hi Sam!
Not that I feel I am 100% ready yet to jump into achieving an actual Microsoft Power BI Certification, but I was wondering if you would consider putting together a training course that would help with preparing for that certification?


Certainly on the cards for content to be released in the coming months. Have a number of things planned and this is definitely one of them.


Hi Sam,
I haven’t had much time to stay updated in the forums lately. Has there been any updates on your training for Certification Prep?


There has been a slight delay on this due to all the recent updates at Enterprise DNA Online taking a lot longer than anticipated. I’m hoping to have this completed by the end of next month now.



Sorry I was talking more about the Enterprise DNA certification above.

Around the MS one. It’s certainly on the list also. I will definitely try to get to this in the next couple of months.


Very cool. No worries on the delay. Any chance the training involves specific details for when having to access many different data sources? My current job is pretty straight forward having all of our data on SQL Server, so besides that I haven’t had a chance to experiment with Azure and other Online services really.

I recently found myself able to connect to Microsoft Enterprise to pull in some auto-generated email attachments, but had to delete that all from my data model since that doesn’t allow you to have scheduled refresh setup on the BI Service. Certainly hope they update soon to allow a combination of Gateway and Online sources.


Oh. Was I misunderstanding all of this talk about certification? Are you releasing an actual Enterprise DNA Power BI Certification?
Completely separate from Microsoft’s Power BI Certification? Either way, I’d be game for earning yours as well as Microsofts.


Yes I planning one, it’s a bit behind schedule but hopefully not far away.

Also do plan on video on the MS one as well.

Quite a lot to fit in!


Looking forward to it!!
I strongly feel I am ready to take certification exam but like to go over your training first.