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Power BI and Power Automate - Automatic Alerts

We have a Power BI application which is live and we are getting involved with Power Automate as a matter of some urgency.

Our application gets its data from a SQL database where the data is collected in real time from a variety of machines and we have a number of performance statistics and we will use Power Automate to send a variety of messages to engineers etc. We are quite comfortable with our ability to do this.

We would also like to use Power Automate to collect data directly from the SQL database and automatically send out alerts in the event of one of the machines having a “critical error” which makes the machine unusable / dangerous.

Firstly, is this possible and if so how can we go about it?

Thanks in anticipation

Paul Boyes

HI @PaulBoyes

As you already have Power BI solution in place then you can use it’s dataset to connect to Power Automate to get triggers for your email notification.

Based on your “Critical Error”
You can implement Power Automate in the same solution or can build another solution.

Below document related to this might help you.
Trigger a cloud flow from any Power BI report - Power Automate | Microsoft Docs


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