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Power BI Admin as an outsider?

I’m trying to help a friend setup Power BI in his company.

I need to get into his Power BI service and set up workspaces etc. (admin work)

It was so long ago since I set up my own company with Power BI that I forgot what I need to do. Plus I was setting it up for my own company, not someone else’s.

Is it possible for me to log into his company’s Power BI service using my own company’s email address and Power BI license? Or do I have to have him get me a Power BI license? Would he also need to get me a Microsoft 365 license so I have an email address from his company domain?



Hi @BillK ,

If you have a M365 licence from your company, your friend can add you as a guest to his tenant in the Azure Active directory.
As far as I know he will have to assign you a PBI licence but you can probably start with a trial.

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Perfect! Thank you so much.