Power Automate Workout 01 - Current Date & Time

Difficulty Rating: 1 out of 5


In this workout we are going to use Power Automate Desktop to create a flow to get the Current Date & Time, then format that result to show the Current Time in the format of the picture above.

Hint: There are actions in Power Automate Desktop that will retrieve the Current Date & Time, Format it, and allow you to display a message like you see in the screenshot above.

This is a fairly quick and simple flow, but hopefully this helps you learn a few of the actions that are possible in Power Automate Desktop.

Post your submission in the same format at the screenshot provided. You may also provide a copy of the steps of your flow as well, but please blur out those steps if possible.


Hi Jarrett,
Thanks for the Workout. I did find it very easy especially with the hint however it was great to learn features I didn’t know about.


Power Automate Workout Participants,

We’re starting out very easy on this one to give folks just getting started with Power Automate a chance to set up their environment.

We have an extensive collection of blog articles on Power Automate, which you can find here:


Subsequent to this week’s rollout, @JarrettM will be posting new workouts every Wednesday, so Workout #2 will be coming on Wed. March 29, and then weekly after that.

Thanks for participating!

  • Brian

Hi Jarret,

Here is my sample for this work out. I did a browse of current examples and found date and time Flow. (played around with it )

I changed the Message display to “Date and Time right now” and included day and time within the display message box.

This is my first time using Power Automate desktop


Hi Jarret

I have created the Power Automate Desktop flow for Workout 01 and found it fun, as I haven’t used Power Automate Desktop before.