Power Automate Run Script in Excel

Hi folks,

I am trying to create a flow that will run an office script in an Excel file held in SharePoint, the script is a simple refresh all data connections and works if i open the file and manually refresh the script.

I have tries various slightly different flows but although they all say successful, when i manually open the file there is no data.

Flows tried:

  1. Run script
  2. Get files (properties only), filter array, check out file, run script, delay (1min), check in file
  3. Run script, delay (1min), no check out options

All the above flows say successful but none of them have any data when i manually open the file.

The data source is a small sql view with around 100 rows. I realise that there is a SQL connector but this is a premium service and i don’t want to pay for this given that the data is such a small list of data so this is my workaround which isn’t working.

Any help advice would be appreciated.

Hi @henry.habib - Please check and help if possible.

Hi @BCS,

Seems we’re both out of luck :confused:

Workbook.refreshAllDataConnections() is not supported in Power Automate.

Found a useful reference.

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