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Power Automate & Paginated Reports

Hey all,

not sure if it’s ok to post Power Automate queries here but since you’ve got a Power Automate course I thought I’d chance my arm.

I’ve just been tasked with a project combining Paginated Reports with Power Automate…and I’ve just started learning Power Automate with the EDNA Course (Which is great btw) last week.

Since I’m rather new to this I wanted to ask if my project is possible and the best way to go about rather than fumbling around for ages and then finding it’s not possible or my approach is wrong.


  1. Paginated Report that was going to a limited amount of external customers daily

  2. Each Paginated Report will be split by a Parameter so a report will go out with Parameter Customer A applied and then another will go out with Parameter Customer B applied etc

  3. Each customer report can have 1 or more email recipients

Until now we had a manageable number of external customers to handle so we were ok with setting up & managing individual subscriptions in the Power BI Service. This number is set to balloon massively.

So I’d like to set up a Power Automate Flow that will automate this process and move the management of the customer emails to an Excel file or a SharePoint list. So the Flow will loop through the email addresses & Customers in the Excel file or SharePoint list.

Is this possible?

Well it turns out it is possible as one of my colleagues has just spun up the whole flow in about 3hrs…and they’ve never soon Power Automate until this morning…some people are annoyingly clever :joy:

Closing this thread off.