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Power Automate In Power BI Desktop

Hi there,

I’ve watched a few videos on setting up a Power Automate button in Power BI and it looks simple enough. I want to create a task from Power BI but it looks like they want me to have an Outlook account or login via the company I am working for.

I first tried using my personal Outlook account but when trying to sign in to my Outlook account via the pop-up from Power Automate in Power BI, I get an error saying I need to use a different browser.

When I use my company email and Power BI password, it ends up saying “Connection can’t be found”.

What’s happening here? What do I need to make this work?

Hi There
Did you got through the Power Automate MasterClass Course on the EDNA educational platform?

I believe you have to special premium (paying every month) signon to the power bi site for be able to use that function. I know you can’t use your outlook account to gain access to that.

Your company likely doesn’t have the access to function with power bi.

You might have to contact Microsoft directly to get this resolved.


@Keith, so I was able to create a Gmail email flow in Power BI with no data. I was able to run the flow in the flow setup section, and received the email, but I couldn’t run it from the button. The button wouldn’t trigger. So, even though I got the green message saying that the flow was attached to the button, the button wouldn’t trigger.

I created another Gmail email flow, this time with data in the email body but this time it would not run at all. When I publish to the service, the button seems to trigger but it freezes immediately and the flow doesn’t run there either. Also, none of my button formatting was maintained in the service.

So, the first clear problem is that the button is not triggering for both flows. The second issue is that when I add data to the email, the flow does not run at all.

i would say that you don’t have the access to run power automate through power bi service.

you likely need to contact Microsoft.

did you review the video on EDNA learning portal?

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