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Power Automate for Power BI - Power BI Parameters - Export to File for Paginated reports

I am pulling in multiple files to create one file and am creating an interface in Power BI that includes a button that will run a Power Automate flow. I’m using the ‘Export to File for Paginated Reports’ action because in most cases there are more than 1000 records. Everything is working with exception pulling in parameter values from Power BI. I’m not sure how to format the fields that I’m pulling in to get one value or if I need to grab the 1st value. I wasn’t sure if I should put this in Power Automate or Power BI.

Here is an example of the Action with parameters defined I just need to understand how to get the parameters from Power BI


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This is the actual solution

I was able to solve this fairly simply after-all - I created these variable

and then placed them in the action in the Flow

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